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Tarot interpretation

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Hi all,

I recently did a tarot reading on myself, asking for anything that I needed to know to come through. I'm not that great at reading the cards, but noticed the cards which appeared seem quite significant.

Would anyone be able to help with their interpretations of what this means?


Thank you! :)

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Ok, I've had a break for a few years and will be doing a course later in the year to update my tarot skills, anyway I pulled out the deck I use which is different to yours and will try offering what I see. Please let me know if this fits in with what you see or have experienced as I know the post is a few months old now.


I feel you weren't seeing what was right in front of you, you had your back turned to a good thing, a woman I think, light coloured hair blonde maybe, a soft-spoken one. One of you hurt the other badly, you had a decision to make though you were blinded and couldn't see clearly at the time.

With time and rest, you recovered I believe a figure of authority or someone older be it in age or maturity intervened and helped guide you. Justice to this situation has been served and you then had a large decision to make, I feel it ended with all be fine, something around the house, a move but you feel secure. There's a woman in your life she's smart, brown-haired works hard and is a family orientated person which could tie into the house.


Please let me know if any of this makes sense, Thanks!

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