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Toyota reveals third-generation humanoid robot

Still Waters

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Toyota has revealed the latest version of its T-HR31 humanoid robot. 

Human operators have been able to successfully control the human-sized bot remotely through 5G communication from roughly 6 miles away.

Eventually, Toyota is hoping to create a robotic system that can work alongside humans in the home and other settings, such as healthcare institutions.


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  • The title was changed to Toyota reveals third-generation humanoid robot

I dunno, I'm much more amazed by drones, and their potential to bring me fast and cheap junk food!

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They could be useful in environments where using humans would be too dangerous or too expensive: like space, nuclear power plants and collapsed buildings.

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17 hours ago, trancelikestate said:

Now give it a gun and send it to war

Exactly.... that's the way it will evolve for sure. Gundam style !

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