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Request help finding a lost/stolen item

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Greetings everyone,
I recently visited a hotel for an event and lost my iPad there between 8:45pm and 10pm on 30th November 2018. I had simply kept it on a round table with a yellow-orange table cover near the rear wall of the banquet hall. By the time, I returned, I found the device to be missing. The iPad is white in colour, has a golden back and was inside a grey fold-able cover. It is currently offline, and hence, I cannot locate it even through web.

I thought if someone picked it by mistake. So, I informed the security to help me locate it. It was not just another gadget for me, but was awarded to me for my work in an organization and therefore, had immense emotional value to me. Hotel security officials also failed to locate it, though I informed the event managers and hotel staff. 2 days on, and I still have no clue where it is. I will be eternally grateful if someone can help me locate it. Even the slightest of hint will be immensely helpful. I will always be indebted to any valuable clue or means to get it back. Let me know, in reply, if any more inputs are required.

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