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Gays not welcome in Priesthood, says Pope

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Mr Walker
57 minutes ago, NewAge1 said:

The rock band The Who, said: ''Tommy can you hear me?'' once upon a time.  But the question should be, are we hearing Tommy? Have we truly heard Tommy and his good news? Have we truly heard doubting Thomas, purposely marginalized in the orthodox Bible because he symbolizes the perennial truth seeker warrior, we would dare question reality and it's constant sleight of hand. Since the publication of the Nag Hammadi Library in 1979, the Gospel of Thomas has become the most popular scrupture for gnostics and other alternative christians and has even mesmerized many pagan, hindu and buddhist schools of thought. Tommy's good news of inner knowledge and divinity, detachment to the materialistic Golems that weight down our souls, opening our third eye and higher mind to the Treasury of Light that is all around us, and the actualized promise that we are already self-actualized are living waters for a society parched by the sandstorms of extraverted religion.

Don't know about any of that, but he sure plays a mean pin ball. :)


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