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A most famous UFO photo, 1952

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1 hour ago, Earl.Of.Trumps said:

Believe as you will. Just don't make the mistake of telling me i'm stupid  or my father and his workmates are liars, etc.

Why do the absolute pinnacle of 'True Believers' always resort to this misrepresentation?  (Rhetorical question - I know the answer..)

No, we don't accuse them or you of being liars.  Being wrong isn't 'lying'.  Nor is it stupid, *unless* you claim that anecdotes are verified factsThat is stupid.

All we are saying is that tales are not enough.  They are not enough for science, and they are (99% of the time) not even enough for a court, where a quite low "beyond reasonable doubt" level of evidence is the norm.  In a court, testimony MUST align with an actual crime/illegal event (in this case there is no other evidence or event), and/or be corroborated and based on facts.  That is FACTs, those are the ones from the dictionary, not the ones you make up...


BTW, my grandad had *heaps* of stories about war exploits...  You'd call him a liar, I guess.  Me, I'd just call him 'colourful' and pretty normal.  RIP, Grandad...

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Name calling and throwing insults ALWAYS helps your wacky claims. The wackier the claims, the more insults required. Claiming secret knowledge that you can't back up doesn't hurt either.

Typical psycho believer BS.

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On 12/3/2018 at 5:52 PM, Earl.Of.Trumps said:

In the 1952 American UFO wave, this photo was taken by US Coastguardsman, Shell Alpert.   Short bio

salemm coast guard UFOs 1952.jpg



The Clusters of UFOS from Washington shot out in different directions.  Only conclusion for that is they followed the trajectory of the Planes used in the 9/11/2001 Twin Towers (it wasn't man made it turned into a hoax by warmongers).  One of the Directions for the Planes on 2001 was Pennsylvania, this follows the logic in the account.  (World War 2 was over with the Nuclear Bombings in the Japan, the Korean War was over following that event) (As a Parallel for Today, the War on Terrorism begins first before the War with North Korea).

(There was a Radio Hoax about a Mass UFO Attack in 1938 or something, that was before the 1945 Twin Nuclear Bombings ............... appears the event was doubled ................ doubled as to what will be necessary today, perhaps this christmas)

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