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Triple child killer to be released

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On ‎04‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 1:22 PM, Eldorado said:

A babysitter who killed three children and impaled their bodies on garden railings has been cleared for release.

David McGreavy was sentenced to life in 1973 for killing Paul Ralph, four, and his sisters Dawn, two, and nine-month-old Samantha in their Worcester home.

Full report: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-46437471

You reckon his new neighbours will be told what they've got living beside them?

Theres one way to ensure he cant reoffend - removal of the offending body parts.

If he has no arms and legs how will he kill again?

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This louse was a friend of the children's father. His friend, who let the ******* stay at his house because his parents didn't want him in theirs. And he does this to the people who took him in because one of the kids was crying? He babysat them for a whole hour according to the article in the op. When did he start this rampage? Fifteen minutes after he had the kids? There's no redeeming a brutal, selfish ingrate like that! I certainly hope this is overturned also. And I really feel bad for the parents of the poor children he slaughtered. Especially that poor mother who still blames herself for having to work and not being home. There's no mention where the father is now.

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11 hours ago, Grey Area said:

So what would be the point of a parole system if the end result was that ex-cons were essentially still imprisoned?

Safety.  We've already been over this.


11 hours ago, Grey Area said:

I’m simply responding to the expanding anarchy of your judicial overhauls, based on inflicting your regime into today’s society.

A necessary evil, when those in charge have betrayed the public sometimes they need a wake up call or removed from their positions.


11 hours ago, Grey Area said:

In my ideal world I share a small island with a few beautiful women, where I am catered for by a team of non sentient, highly efficient robot assistants.

In the real world the police are duty bound to investigate crimes and the CPS to prosecute without prejudice.

In reality that doesn't always happen, in fact sometimes the police are more interested in covering their own assess.


11 hours ago, Grey Area said:

But hey, you are the one making things up here, so I guess you could change the above statement to fit.

Hardly.  The things I've described have occurred through human history.


11 hours ago, Grey Area said:

Yes, but where does that end, six degrees of separation?  Maybe your room mates cousin commits a crime and the family of the victim then decide you are a threat.  Guilty by association.

It does through the democratic process.

You really haven't explained what the families have done to become an issue.

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He is 66 years old and I am curious about how he will fit in today's society, how he is going to finance himself? How will he adopt to all the tech and culture and customs. It's a good idea to make a reality show and make money. 

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