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Still Waters

French community survived by walking on stilts

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Still Waters

Today, much of the Landes region in southwestern France is a forest. Indeed, it is the largest forest in the country.

But over a century ago (the mid-19th century to be exact) the scenery was something quite different.

Instead of an area densely covered with pine trees, there was a vast expanse of swampy terrain, as far as the eye could see, with nary a road in sight.

For centuries, the impoverished people who lived there—a good number of them shepherds—came up with a novel way to negotiate the mushy, uneven, and unforgiving landscape: They walked on stilts.


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The dancing stilt-walkers was hilarious!!

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Here's a better dance video, where we understand there's a rythme dimension it. Not as graceful as flamenco, but here we go anyway:


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