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Animal living in hot yellowstone pool?

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On 22/12/2018 at 5:20 PM, CuCulaine said:

Recently biological animals (primitive) were found living around in a lava Shute under water, thought by science to be impossible on two levels,  but they were also  silicon based, so what you say is I think possible.


where did you get this from?

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The idea of a silicon based life form is due to the position of silicon in the periodic table. It lies directly under carbon.

This has been a staple of sci fi lore for a long time. There are life forms on Earth that incorporate silica into their bodies. An example is horse tails. Also, silica s dissolved by humic acid. This has been suggested as the reason that certain geological features appear. They are influenced by the existence of humic acid.

But  no silicon based life forms have ever been found. Then again, maybe some people think star trek is a documentary. :mellow:

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I've seen the remains of deer/like creatures in the pools. I guess they went in for a drink(?)and slipped in/passed out/got pushed by a jokester deer. By the time I saw them they are just bones and antlers. It taught me to stay on the path and not go in for a closer look at the pools. 

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