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Kavanaugh votes with liberal justices

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30 minutes ago, Agent0range said:


Skip the sexual assault stuff, that's just huffpost nonsense (for the record, I can't stand huffpost), and get to the judicial stuff,  He mislead and lied multiple times.  

Interesting. A lot of it is things that could easily not be recalled, mostly the somewhat irrelevant things during teen years, could be legitimately forgotten but other things that occurred while he was a seated judge not so much. One thing I’m sure he and his friends lied about after reading that while a teen was the part about boofing. kavanaughand I are the same age and I know damn well that starting from age 11 or so that boofing was slang for sodomy.

My main complaint and reason for feeling he was an unworthy choice for justice is his agreement that enhanced interrogation was not torture and was a legitimate tactic for the US to use. I’m more of the school of thought that, that is what our enemies do and we should never stoop to their level.

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