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Albino deer spotted in Ohio backyard

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An Ohio man found a rare and beautiful sight in his yard - a white deer.

Craig Atkins uploaded video to Facebook of the find. "There's a bunch of deer in my yard, one's an albino," he said in the video.

The deer would be easy to miss in the snow with its white fur for camoflauge.

See it here (with an annoying ad first): https://abc7news.com/pets-animals/rare-albino-deer-caught-on-camera-in-ohio/4880626/

Or see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZmVu7HL4wk


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They are actually getting pretty common in New Jersey due to inbreeding. The old school Pineys held the Lenape belief that you should never kill one. A suburban hunter shot one in Greenwood Forest in the 1990s. When he brought it to the Pine Barren Stove Company to be weighed and tagged the woodjins that worked there refused to go near it and told him to get out of the area or get hurt. 

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