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Still Waters

History buff who lives in a 1930s-style home

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Still Waters

A man obsessed with the 1930s has given his home a retro Christmas makeover after dusting off decades old decorations. 

Aaron Whiteside, 36, has decked out his modest three-bed semi with early mercury glass baubles, ceiling garlands and even Humpty Dumpyy concertina lanterns.

The enthusiast from Blackpool, Lancashire - who has painstakingly transformed his house into a pre-war era home - says the decorations are reflective of what was popular from 1930s, 40s and 50s. 


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Wow the 1930s looked depressing...

I'm mean, yeah of course they did, terrible time, but seeing it recreated in colour even adds to that effect.

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ouija ouija

'History buff' ...... with the accent on the 'buff'. :whistle:

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