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Still Waters

2,000-year-old Celtic god figurine unearthed

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Still Waters

In a field in Cambridgeshire at the site of what was once an ancient Roman settlement, archaeologists have unearthed an extremely rare 2,000-year-old figurine of the horned god known as Cernunnos, who has been described as the Celtic god of fertility, wealth, the underworld, and life.

As the Daily Mail reports, the precise site of the discovery of the figurine was the National Trust’s Wimpole Estate, and one of the things that makes this particular figurine of Cernunnos so very special is that it was created out metal. As such, it is the only metal figurine of the horned Celtic god that archaeologists have recovered in Britain, with other figurines of this god normally being carved out of stone.



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Interesting little guy...  I like how his hands form a circle on his gut.    It seems that many of the earliest religious/spiritual belief systems ,nearly worldwide!,  revered the "gut"  as the seat of the soul ...or the seat of human creation.  

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