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New brain scanner to 'reveal the human soul'


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On 12/20/2018 at 2:59 PM, LucidElement said:

Always thought the soul was invisible? how can a MRI machine pick that up?

And even if they do produce this ONE MRI machine, its going to be in one location lol... so when you go get an MRI scan , its not going to be with this monster.

The soul itself is invisible.  But one can see evidence and proof of the spirit realm with their own eyes, if they have the beautiful experience of opening their third eye.  In fact, I see auras and energy fields all the time, and I have seen and interacted with ghosts on numerous occasions.  No MRIs or any equipment needed.  My own observations and interactions with spirits demonstrate that the spirit world exists.  

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If your doctor orders you for an MRI scan - you think your insurance will pay for the flight to China to have that thorough scan lol.


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On 12/20/2018 at 12:22 PM, Not A Rockstar said:

When I read this I got the image of it frying your brain lol. I doubt very much it will find the soul. I think @Talion78 is more accurate and the soul is in flux and transient and not something physical to show up in an MRI, hence why so many deny it even exists.

Yes a flow. 

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If they can figure out a way to map every nuron and pathway, and store it. If there really is no soul, then we will soon be able to reproduce an exact copy of a person inside of a simulation. That is a cool and scary thought. The series Black Mirror on Netflix explores this potential. 

I had a brain MRI last year. I kind wanted the data, I thought it wouldn’t be cool to try and broadcast the info it into space somehow. Who knows an alien civilization in the future might intercept it and recreate my consciousness in one of their computers. It would be cool, but probably a little terrifying too. 

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