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Johannesburg Men in Black


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By: Em | Location: Johannesburg South Africa


I was 9 years old, I am an only child who was living with my single mom. Johannesburg South Africa is a particularly dangerous city, especially for two females living on their own, so my mom and I moved into a secure gated estate with electric fences and 24 hour roaming security. 

More: https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/stories/112195/johannesburg-men-in-black

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This is quite strange indeed.  The robotic, repetitive behavior of these guys sounds strange indeed.  Men in black is one possibility.

Other possibilities are that these guys had a mental condition that causes pacing and an inability to respond to others or that they had been taking some sort of drugs that caused the strange behavior.  People with certain mental disorders will pace back and forth and engage in various nonsensical, repetitive behaviors.  So, there is the possibility that were in some type of abnormal mental state and just happened to be wearing black suits.

Another possibility is that these were men in black, and their unusual behavior was caused by some type of mind control experiment.  Or that they were men in black who were either robotic or partially robotic entities. While men in black is one possibility, there isn't enough evidence to say, but it's definitely a possibility and can't be ruled out.  

If this was the men in black, this case is somewhat unusual.  Typically, men in black will be seen following a ufo sighting or by individuals who have conducted extensive research on the phenomenon.  And their goal seems to be silencing contactees, those who have seen UFOs, and UFO researchers. If the men in black were spotted out of the blue, it would be a very unique sighting to say the least 

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