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Is the universe riding on an expanding bubble ?


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  • The title was changed to Is the universe riding on an expanding bubble ?

Okay...so let's go with this theory....



A glass of champagne...cork popped on New Years Eve...pouring into a glass...Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles....

And on one of those bubbles is our entire Universe? Really?

Sounds to me more like a theory composed on a binge night at Animal House.  


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Sounds like a hypothesis I had back in college when I did a lot of LSD one day. No math to back it up, obviously though.

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Im not so sure about the bubble but i think they are on the right track when they realized our matter isn't the entirety of the strings, but rather one dimension they are expressed in. I think this theory will become more distinguishable when we start working to understand the construction of matter and the other phases it can be expressed in beyond our visual perception. We will also start to realize how mind boggling much more there is than just the part of the universe we interact with and see visually. I wonder if a good way to start is further studies on animals that dont see the same way we do. Might be some that exist multidimensionally or at least see more than we do.

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At this point, a theory is proposed.  What comes next is testing.  If the universe is on the surface of a bubble, what would that look like in the physical laws that we already know?  Does it explain something we don't know yet?  Can we test it?  If not, it sinks back into the bubble.

It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong. Richard P. Feynman

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It doesn't sound that revolutionary to me. I think I've read similar things before. Besides, it is said that space-time itself is expanding, that is why galaxies can move apart from each other even if they were not moving themselves. How could space-time expand if there weren't extra dimensions that it could expand into? That makes the idea of us living on the surface of an expanding 4D-sphere a pretty natural idea I think.

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Theories on the creation of the universe, other dimensions, and anything else along these lines, I have always found somewhat interesting and entertaining. But at the end of the day this is just another theory being tossed into the Sea of Theories. This theory will also, just like most of those before it, end up on the shelf of 'Most likely will never be proven', where it will sit for a very long time to come, if not for ever. I know that the search of understanding is looking for that one fixed truth of how all became and is. But how many theories do we put need on the shelf before it collapses from the weight of what is nothing more than guestimations based on conjecture.


*This is nothing more than, and yes I am willing to admit it:yes:, my ignorant opinion on something I really don't know all that much about. But hey.. it sounds good to me so I'm going with it.


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