The Peace of God to all that Belong to the Light Dear Readers,  Happy new Year 2019,  happy western Epiphany Holiday or Eastern Nativity Holiday.  Let me open a discussion about esp predictions for 2019, a subject that of course correspond to one of the most intriguing facts of Paranormality: the ability to travel mentally to another location in the space time and see what will happen on it.   I am a mystic seer and I trust on ESP forecasting of future events. Since i was raised on a background that is religious I use sometimes to describe these experiences with terminology that is religious, but being a scientist too, that is my profession, I also can talk on it using terms of more secular approach of them.    I started my career about 15 years ago on other specialized forums devoted to the discussion of paranormal perception of time and precognition of future like, and websites.   I am interested on predicting events that may occur in different areas like politics, economics, science, technology, ufo contacts, environmental issues, and natural events including helping to prevent or attend natural disasters.   I have posted predictions on since 2007 to 2018, I was also in a website since 2004 until ceased to exist on 2008, and also I joined another specialized domain that existed between 2009 to 2015.   There are many events that I have been able to predict publicly correctly in the past, for instance:  - Prediction of the great recession since march of 2007,  - Hurricane Ike arrival to Galveston Texas in 2008, - Hurricane Sandy floods over New Jersey and New York in 2012  - Election of President Barack Obama in 2008, - Defeat of Nicholas Sarkozy in Presidential elections of France 2012,  - Chino hills Earthquake on California 2007, - Tohoku earthquake of Japan in 2011, - Assassination of Benazir Bhutto in 2007 - War between Russia and Georgia in 2008  - Chelyabinsk Event meteor 2013, - Election of Pope Francis 2013 - Exact of Hugo Chavez' death 2013 - Mineirazo defeat of Brazil on World cup 2014,.  - Abdication of King Juan Carlos of Spain 2014,  - Pneumonia collapse of Hillary Clinton on campaign 2016,  - Defeat of Marina LePen in France elections 2017,  - Guadalajara Earthquake in Mexico of 2017  - Superbowl victory of the Eagles of Philadelphia 2018.  - Haida Gwaii Islands Megaquake in 2016,  - Quindio-Caldas Megaquake Colombia 2018,  - Alaska Megaquake of 2018  - Krakatoa Volcano eruption on 2018  - Victory of Andres M Lopez-Obrador in Mexico election 2018.   It is Not easy to define Extrasensorial Perception of future since it comprises very diverse techniques according with the cultural background of the seers, but such ample spectrum of possibilities has evident parallelisms from context to the other.    What I have learnt along my life on this, and I started being still an adolescent, is that in one or other way this includes slow down meditation techniques that help first to put the conscious mind in rest, in order to contact subconsciously the collective unconscious, as it was defined by Dr Carl Jung or the superconscious level as it is defined by the Hypnotist Dick Sutphen.   Religious authors that were also great seers like the Jesuit Joseph Murphy and the Psychic Edgar Cayce, better known as the sleepy prophet, use to describe a technique related with what is called mental prayer.   This is not very different than contemplative spiritual exercises, that are part of the religious path to clairvoyance, what the mystics and religious seers use to reach ecstasies, a kind of spiritual trance like it is described in the writings of St Therese of Avila or even on the kabbalah rituals that are part of the esoteric Hebrew tradition and were extensively used by the famous Mitchel of Nostradamus.   On buddhist tradition precognition is acquired through deep breathing meditation techniques together with visualization that allow the monk to reach the akashic records, the name given on that tradition to the depository of records of future events.   In general terms, these methods correspond to descend to the alpha level of brain waves somehow on which it is possible to get access to the collective unconscious.   Many seers therefore get their visions or glances of future events being submerged in a kind of deep hypnotic trance, or alternatively on deep silent prayer or meditation or through lucid dreams.   It is important to understand that certain systems of beliefs and cosmologies create the needed educational framework that help seers to develop their abilities, while others actually block completely that possibility or make it extremely difficult through negative conditioning.   A Classical example that shows the effect of this on children that may have natural talent to become good candidates for clairvoyance is certain stories learned since the very early years that motivate their curiosity.   For Episcopalians, Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox Christians and Oriental Christians for instance this weekend constitutes the celebration of the Magi visitation, one that includes those characters of wisemen that were astrologers and knew about Christ birth distantly.   This celebration is known as epiphany on the western rite Christian Apostolic churches but for the Eastern and Oriental Christian rite Apostolic Churches coincides with the Nativity of Jesus, so it is their Christmas.   The story is presents prophecy in connection with the ability to 'read' the future on the configuration of astral conjunctions, planetary alignments and of course constellations that correspond to Zodiac signs in the ancient Zoroastrian Religion of Persia and Chaldea.   The Gospel according with St Mathew says us that wisemen came from the East, possibly Persia, Assyria, Chaldea, Babylon or India, following an astronomical phenomenon look like a Great Star to visit the baby Jesus when the Holy family was still living on Bethlehem of Judah.   These figures are the first not Hebrews that acknowledged Christ as the Messiah, and they were clearly Astrologers. We also know from the Gospel According with St Luke that during the presentation of the baby in the Temple of Jerusalem the Holy family met with two seers that also identified immediately the child as the Messiah, the elders Simeon and Anna who were both Hebrews.   Protestant Children of course read this same stories so early but the difference is that on their education there is a clear warning saying that all those prophetic gifts belonged only to Biblical times and after that the knowledge of future is sealed.   Similarly, Children that is educated on the far east or Asian communities around the world reading the stories of Buddha develop very early a natural predisposition to accept the possibility to experience esp just being in their ordinary daily meditation practices.    Ancient Greeks were pagan people that however were very open culturally to the gift of clairvoyance, since it was part of their culture since ancient times. There is a strong component of esp on many of the Greek myths, stories that like the Iliad or the tragedy of oedipus King, show that something was already written since birth about the fate of the principal characters.   There are many studies showing that the ability to get information of future through esp is not just the result of years of training, but it must be also genetically present in some way on the person that performs as a seer.   There are clear historic examples of family lines or dynasties of people able to predict the future, like for instance the linage of many prophets described on the Bible, like the one that goes from David, through Solomon to many of their descendants.   Nevertheless, without contradicting that hypothesis, the experience has taught to me that the cultural background is equally important or determinant than even any genetic predisposition to foresee at subconscious level the future. This refers not only to education patterns but to prejudgments against or in favor of this ability in societies.   Certain human groups are more open to accept spontaneous or very well exercised gifts of clairvoyance, like for instance in primitive cultures that practice Shamanism or on the Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Christians that believe on the mystical experience, that do not see it in any particularly negative way.   Unfortunately, certain cultural communities like the atheistic people that is extremely materialistic, not the ones that possibly have followed the New Age culture and so accept precognition as a feasible parapsychological experience, or some fundamentalist Protestants that consider it as a sin, closing their mind with the claim there is No prophecies after Biblical times, hence everything else on modern times is divination.   It is evident that who think clairvoyance is fantasy or is evil are less likely to have an open attitude toward this experiences.    To be able to reach subconsciously access to the future is needed first to trust on their own abilities to do so and to don't think negatively on it, no body feeling guilty, sinful, deluded or inappropriate for this kind of phenomena thinking can really do so, as who ever has phobia to drive a car rarely will pass the driver license test, or who has anxiety to take an airplane would become an aviator.   After this introduction of what is in general forecasting of future events based on extra sensorial perception of time, I want to propose as an exercise to test the validity of this subject.   The test I am going to carry on here is to post a series of predictions that are the result of my own mystic intuition of events that I have perceived are coming to our world on the year 2019.   Since I am disclosing my Insights of future on this weekend I consider that the facts here described have about a year more or less to be transformed on real facts, that is upto January 6th of 2020.   If anybody else here has felt in any way where esp may play a role, either through dreams, premonitions, flashes of intuition through prayer or meditation, it would be interesting to know your comments or observations.   Please be free to also share with us your own insights on the future to compare the way our perceptions are running.   I want to begin, before to disclose my personal insights on the facts I perceive may occur on 2019, saying that I have been on deep meditative praying, submerged on mystical rapport, asking for enlightening to God our Lord along days.   This to be able to see the causal lines beyond what it is our current moment, to interpret correctly those flashes about the future and also to be able to advise in the best of my abilities what to do in order to make our pathway through all those events.   I think future in part is already written, in what has been called by different civilizations along History with names like the book of life, the akashic records or the collective unconscious, that is an ultra dimensional depository of events of all what has occurred, is occurring and will happen at future.   Nevertheless, there is always a freedom of choice that is granted to us, that basically consist on our personal attitude to decide what to do, how to react, how to move on those events and circumstances that are coming to test us in terms of faith, hope, love, and wisdom. In this sense the fact that future is predictable does not mean necessarily that predestination is the rule that govern life or the universe.   Personal prayer is always the key to get the guidance we are going to need on each possible scenario, if we pray with faith we are going to get response from above.   Please if you live in any area of a potential disaster mentioned here it is wise to be prepared to face it, having at hand first aid elements, emergency equipment and a clear contingency plan, good insurances, prudent investments.          Here are my Personal Insights for the incoming Year, they are of course what my own intuition is able to perceive, it would be interesting again if you share the similar points of view or you have other insights to share and discuss here.     1) I see on 2019 an interesting correlation among Astronomical events that are going to be very visible, at simple sight, and the occurrence on earth of very important seismic and volcanic events, as well as, crucial Social, Economic, Political facts that Humanity will experience. Manage 2) We are going to see on the skies conjunctions or planetary alignments, solar and moon eclipses, meteorites and even even most likely objects falling at great speed through the atmosphere that will occur as signals of situations that are going to mark this Year in the world. Astrologically the blood moons are always omens that must be carefully weighted, the giant one that we are going to see on Lunar eclipse this weekend is a clear signal of an incoming strong political crisis in America, one that will trigger unfortunately severe incidents of domestic violence in the streets of major cities. This confrontation between social sectors will be particularly dangerous and agitated specially on Washington DC, as well as on cities located on the Pacific coast and south of the country, where riots from collision of opposite pressure groups will emerge. Manage     3) Talking about social or economic important situations I see 2019 as a year on which the global economy again will show signs of a very erratic performance, going up and down at different moments. In general I can see that North America and Europe will most likely go in to a recession period. Nevertheless, the recession will not affect equally all the economic sectors. I feel that commodities and anything connected with essential services as food or health care are going to perform much better than investments on stock market. Shares, Securities, Bonds and other financial products are going to fluctuate a lot along the year. Manage  4) Crucial political events on America will create uncertainty in the stock markets, for their impact on the way many different kind of transactions can run under their effect. I see this will be the case Primarily of an incoming political crisis boosted for an attempt to impeach the current administration, and the shutting down of the federal government. However, I see also Western Europe suffering of Recession, that will affect Not just Italy, Portugal, Cyprus or Greece, but it will touch the German Economy dramatically. Manag   5) America is not going to be the only nation on huge political internal crisis that will affect its governability, this will also occur on countries like Venezuela, and Great Britain. In the case of Venezuela I have already predicted since November that I see an attempt or terrorist action against Nicholas Maduro, or some his closest functionaries. The final outcome of that act for what I can perceive will be fatal. America will be blamed of it, but the only international plot behind it most likely would be related with European espionage trying to create an issue between Mr Trump and Mr Putin. The death of this political Venezuelan figure will not be the only assassination of 2019. Another grave political crime against a top figure of a government, probably a head of State, will occur on a country in the Eastern Mediterranean or black sea basin. Manage  6) England will fall on a really serious Institutional crisis around the possible ascension to the British Throne by Prince Charles of Wales. I see a lot of turmoil, riots, terrible protests on the streets, an extremely chaotic scenario on London and major cities on England. He could be even proclaimed as King by the Parliament but it is unlikely that he could be effectively crowned. An Abdication can be considered to try to regain governability. There will be terrorist attacks on France again, which authorship will be claimed by fundamentalist Islamic Organizations, and this time will reach the most crucial and emblematic historic areas of large French cities, including a national monument in Paris itself. Manage   7) A considerable large object coming at great speed from the outer space, larger than a simple meteorite will strike our planet on a region in between the Carpathian mountains, balkans, and the shores of the Black sea. This event will be completely unexpected, there will not be any alert, no effective detection by the multiple space agencies. The impact will produce an explosion several times stronger than what occurred in Chelyabinsk, Siberia on 2012. This detonation of many megatons will be confused with a missiles attack triggering a very strong security crisis between Nato, Iran, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and even Israel. Along days and most likely weeks fears of a generalized international conflict of devastating proportions will take over the entire media of the planet. The only chance the crisis will have to be stopped should be through the mediation of the Vatican diplomacy. If the efforts of the Pope fail the consequences for Europe are going to be dramatic, scenarios of terrible devastation under heavy military actions. Manage  8) The trend of strong volcanic activity, with powerful eruptions and also megaquakes that we saw during the planetary alignment of late December 2018, something I also predicted to occur, will happen again in three periods of 2019. Most likely we are going to see this disasters emerging on January and first days of February, around ending of May to beginning of July and at the very ending of the year in between November and December. Strong earthquakes or seaquakes are going to shake the planet not just only over the ring of Fire of the Pacific Ocean, but also on some areas around the Indian Ocean and even on the Atlantic or Mediterranean sea. Manage  9) Areas on which I expect to see intense volcanic and seismic activity on 2019, with episodes of middle and high magnitudes are going to be: small Antilles of Eastern Caribbean, Central Venezuela, Baja California Peninsula, North western Mexico and Popocateptl Volcano, Central Western Andes of Colombia, western Nicaragua, Eastern Guatemala, Salvador, border between Ecuador and Peru, Border between Chile and Peru, Central Chile, Patagonia Volcanos in Argentina and Chile, Kamchatka Peninsula, Japan Pacific coast, Indonesia( between Celebes and Java), Southern Philippines, Sea between New Guinea and New Caledonia, border between India and Pakistan, border between Iran and Afghanistan, Eastern Turkey and north Greece, Eastern Africa ( Mozambique, east SouthAfrica, North Kenia, border between Ethiopia and Somalia), mid Atlantic ridge between Brazil and Western Africa, mid Atlantic ridge between Norway, Island and Canada, volcanos of Central and Southern Italy. The Amazon tropical basin between Peru, Brazil and Colombia. Manage10) Concerning seismicity and natural disasters on the USA this is what I perceive: important earthquakes or volcanic activity are not going to remain just only on the Pacific states of Alaska and Hawaii as it happened in 2018. The continental part ofthe country will be touched by middle to strong magnitude earthquakes. I see this on offshore between Washington State and British Columbia, border between Oregon and Washington State, offshores between Oregon and California, and on the Sn Andres failure most likely in between Sn Francisco Bay and Long beach, but also there will be a seismic event between the Salton lake and the Mexican North Baja California and low Colorado River. Among the ones I have already mentioned at least one will reach the scale of Megaquake. It comes to my attention that also the North East coast of the country will be affected by a tsunami event triggered most likely by a middle to strong magnitude earthquake that I perceive is coming from the Atlantic offshore of Canada and mid Atlantic ridge. There is also a high risk to see floods on the Mississippi-Ohio-Missouri basin. Strong Hurricane season coming in late summer and fall specially for the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.   11) On the middle of social unrest, streets turmoils, attacks or protests boosted by the winds of crisis I have described, to occur on different points of Europe, England, Syria, Ukraine, America, Mexico or Venezuela, nevertheless, we are going to hear about many Marian Apparitions. There will be common people of very diverse social conditions that will experience visions of the Holy Mother of God. She is coming on this 2019 to deliver messages of hope, peace, comforting the humbles of spirit, the most vulnerable ones, like the elders and the children, showing the Divine mercy acting in the world. This will show that God is caring about his people and all his creatures where ever they are suffering under oppression, persecution, lack of opportunities, poverty, violation of their rights. Some of those apparitions may come with special supernatural signals that will be visible by hundreds of witnesses. Manage 12) On the occurrence of the great calamities like the natural disasters or acts of war I have referred on these predictions for this 2019, also there will be reports of sightings of strange flying lights on the sky. A lot of people and even the professional media and press will show films and talk about them, claiming they appeared from no where a little before or after the event related with. It will be a general claim about the undeniable existence of the so called unidentified flying objects for their presence on almost every scenario of earthquakes, seaquakes, floods, battles.   Manag13) On 2019 there are going to be discovered important pharmaceutical treatments that could offer the solution for either controlling effectively or even curing completely catastrophic illnesses that humanity has been fighting for centuries. I may say that this could be related with grave ailments that are transmitted through viruses for which there has not been really methods even of prevention. Manage 14) New technologies on the area of information flow optimization in networks for any kind of wireless communication will also emerge on 2019, from research carried out on the Academic community. The impact of this development will enhance dramatically the progress on expansion of telecommunications and even establish the foundations of new generations of transmission and reception equipment. Thank you very much for your attention and to have me here in your prestigious discussion forum.  The Angel of Lightness