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John n b

RIP I don't think so

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John n b

About twenty years ago I worked on an housing estate in Whiston Merseyside, our company took the contract on after the previous company folded, the job involved fitting windows, doors and cladding. The first phase of the job didn't go too well, it was just one problem after another, I won't go into great detail regarding the problems "I will if you want to know" but each team working on the properties experienced different things. After about six weeks on site the job wasn't getting any easier and at the end of the day I was physically drained, it was like wading through mud, as the job progressed we started hearing a few stories from some of the Tennant's, one was a nurse who told us that her children wouldn't sleep in one of the bedrooms because they saw things, she didn't go into detail about it but we started hearing the same thing from other Tennant's. One morning our contracts manager said to me, I don't know what's going on with this job but it's way behind with all these problems, I said jokingly, I wonder if it's old burial ground, he replied, it probably is. One Monday morning our foreman told me he was talking to a guy who used to work for our company, he asked our foreman where he was working and he said, martock in Whiston, the guy said has anybody seen the Quaker. Apparently this guy said he'd seen him on a few occasions standing in the car park. Six months later the first phase of the contract finished and I called at the first house on the second phase of the contract to tell the Tennant that we would be starting work on her house the following day, she said to me, have you had problems on the estate and I said yes, and told her some of the things that happened, she said I'm not surprised because that area was built on the old cemetery, she said you won't have any problems from here onwards, and she was right, we sailed through that second phase without any problems and finished the contract well ahead of the deadline.

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