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Skype exorcism: how and why does it work

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Psychology, The power of suggestion and the power of intention is all that is needed. Everything else is just fluff. 

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If you have to pay for it, it is classed as you are being ripped off.

The likes of Bob Larson has been exposed as a fraud, google it.

Here is just one - i found earlier:


As Piney has pointed out it is the power of suggestion, infact not much power is needed as there are many gullible people out there who believe this works and will accept anything they being told because they believe it is real. The above link will show you how dangerous it is.

The demona are in ones mind, and when someone has a mental issue, it is not hard to convince them there are actual demons from outside which has entered them.

All you need to be drawn in by these charletans are:

  • To be deeply religious
  • To believe in demons
  • To have no confidence in your own ability to cope with everyday life
  • To put your trust in people who make claims which have never been proven
  • To not bother researching them or their claims
  • To be gullible.
  • To allow someone to manipulate your minds -easy when you are offering it to them in the first place.




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