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Still Waters

Last caribou in lower 48 placed in captivity

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Still Waters

The last caribou known to inhabit the contiguous United States has been removed from the wild. This week, a team of biologists working for the Canadian province of British Columbia captured the caribou—a female—in the Selkirk Mountains just north of the U.S.-Canada border. They then moved it to a captive rearing pen near Revelstoke as part of a controversial, last-ditch effortto preserve highly endangered herds. The female caribou is believed to be the last member of the last herd to regularly cross into the lower 48 states from Canada.



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Kittens Are Jerks

This is so terribly sad. So much time and energy collecting pregnant caribou, protecting them from predators so that they can give birth safely, then manage the release of the calves so that they have a good chance of survival, only to later discover that a bear had them for breakfast.

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It is easy, well almost inevitable, to get emotional. But the sad truth is that the fit survive. And fit nowadays is surviving humans.

We are the new natural force.

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