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King Tut tomb restoration revealed

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Stunning restoration of King Tutankhamun's tomb revealed as it reopens fully to the public after decade long project.

Nice photos plus a ten minute Getty Conservation Institute video: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-6624709/Stunning-restoration-gigantic-wall-art-King-Tutankhamuns-tomb-revealed.html

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Kittens Are Jerks

Really fascinating, thank you for posting this. The tomb is stunningly beautiful, and it was interesting to learn about the efforts to conserve and restore it. Also interesting was that they saw archaeological value in preserving the microbiological spots.

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Good find El. Excellent video. Knew about the spots but didn't know they are unique to this tomb. It's sad they can't remove them without damaging the paint. I hope the new ventilation system will help preserve the tomb better in the future, along with the new viewing platform.

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