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Science may have proof of psychic abilities

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12 hours ago, Ankhael said:

we already know so you don't have to get repeating this.

I will continue to repeat this since you feel free to repeat lies. I will continue to point out the truth as you continue to restate lies such as the lie that melanin splits water.

Provide a peer reviewed paper showing this is the case. You admitted earlier in the thread that only the liar and fraud Arturo Herrerra has made such a claim. Not only is he the only one but he provides no evidence to support his lie.

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12 hours ago, Aten34 said:

Dude your denial-ism is at it's fullest... Both of your responses to both of the specified quotes are completely opposite.. 

your first response to the first quote about harnessing solar energy splitting the water molecule says:

"There's is nothing there about polymers. You either read or you are purposely lying."

Of course it doesn't, the first specific quote only mentions solar energy and splitting water lol, the second quote does mention polymers....

Your second response to the second specified quote about solar cells being made out of organic polymers says:

"That has nothing to do with dissociation"

Of course it doesn't lol, the specified quote only mention the making of solar cells out of organic polymers. the first quote mentions dissociation...

either you didn't read Ankhael post well and was responding to fast or you didn't have a fully understanding of it... the point is. your responses was backwards Lmao:lol::lol::lol:



Dude you are incompetent! There is nothing in there about polymers.

Why do you repeated lie? Are you proud of telling lies? Does it make you feel good to be a liar?

There must be a reason you repeat lies you made up.

There is nothing in there about polymers splitting water. Maybe you are a slow learner. It happens. The article does not support anything at all about organic polymers splitting water.

I guess we have to repeat the material and maybe you can learn something. I seriously doubt it but maybe you can.

It states:

What’s really needed is better solar technology.

Many research groups have sprung up to pursue different approaches (see “Research to Watch”), which include:

1. making solar cells out of organic polymers

2. harnessing solar energy to split water into oxygen and hydrogen

3. using biological pathways and nano devices to capture solar energy in the form of liquid fuels

4. and trapping and harvesting photons with the aid of nanoparticles. 

Does that make it clearer my little foolish friend?

It lists 4 separate methods. 

1. The organic polymers is a direct photovoltaic cell. They do not split water. 

2. Utilizes an inorganic catalyst.

Does that clear things up? I doubt it. You can't seem to read. More likely you are unwilling to learn and we all know what that is.


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11 hours ago, Ankhael said:

What did you do, but show blog and articles that happen to been Spanish supporting him. you have not shown us anyone in the same field, an expert that would have the credentials and the education on this subject to refute, because it surely isn't you, I mean I like that bow tie you wearing, it makes you look like a wise guy lol.


 Nothing in arturo's descovery of melanin dissociating the water molecule brake this law. He never claimed melanin can create nor destroy energy if thats what you are thinking. Melanin is just a catalysis that can use the energy.


wow I show you on page 23 of this thread, I guess you forgot, let me quote it for you. and please read everything and follow the links for proper knowledge this time so I won't repeat myself..



There we go with another lie from you.

Not a single link I posted or you posted supports the liar and fraud Arturo Herrerra.

Now you state a funny joke. You suggest that scientists are going to stoop down to the level of that liar and fraud Arturo Herrerra to refute him. There are so many stupid ideas created by fools to con money out of the sick and desparate that it makes good people sick. And one of those con men, frauds, and scammers is Arturo Herrerra.

The burden is on that liar and fraud and his dubious sick supporters to show that his lies are not lies. No one has to refute anything. The onus is on the claimant that the claims are correct. 

I know you aren't capable of providing anything of value to support Herrerra. You need to take some college level course in information theory, chemistry, mathematics, electrical engineering to get up to where I was when I left college.

The list of science issues showing Arturo Herrerra is a liar and fraud.

  1. I pointed out that Herrerra's claims of the chemistry he claims violate the law of conservation of energy.
  2. I pointed out that Mercola's claims of negative potassium were false.
  3. I pointed out that Herrerra's claim of energy release from dissociation of water is wrong - proved by chemistry.

Here is something you should have learned by the age of 12. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change form.

As I already pointed out to you the exact same energy that forms a chemical is needed to return the chemical to its former state. Herrerra the liar and fraud claims that energy is released when water is split and when it is reformed. By the age of 15 you should know that is false.

As I have already pointed out it is exactly the same energy. The heat from burning wood is exactly the same as the energy the plant obtained from light to form the wood. The heat it takes to make iron from ore (such as hematite) is the same as the energy released when iron rusts. Splitting water requires energy. That same amount of energy is released when the water is reformed.

Apparently you know less about the lies of Arturo Herrerra than I do. He claims that the battery produces energy in both steps. That's a lie.

You claimed that the Spanish material I posted supported the liar and fraud Arturo Herrerra and that is a lie, too. Had you actually read any of those links you'd know that he has repeatedly stated the lie about water dissociation and energy production.

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Since posters do not seem to have any clue about how water is split using sunlight let's check this out:


No mention of melanin. The only organic compound is mentioned here:


In 2014 researchers announced an approach that connected a chromophore to part of a larger organic ring that surrounded a cobalt atom. The process is less efficient than using a platinum catalyst, cobalt is less expensive, potentially reducing total costs. 

The remainder of the methods utilize inorganic, metal based catalysts.

Here is another article


And another article


There is plenty of research being done in this area, but no one is doing what the liar and fraud Arturo Herrerra is claiming to do. No one is using melanin. A few organic materials are in use but the really efficient systems all rely on metallic catalysts. Some of these systems are approaching theoretical limits of efficiency as mentioned in these articles.

Can light energy split water? Yes, of course.

Is research being done? Yes, in many places around the world.

Does anyone other than the liar and fraud Arturo Herrerra claim to violate the laws of physics? No, that is solely from Herrerra.


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12 hours ago, stereologist said:

Remember I know so much more than you will ever know.

Lol really lmao, u didn't know any of this until I mention it and obviously don't know what your talking about and I'm show you.

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Jon the frog
On 1/30/2019 at 6:09 PM, Piney said:

Never assume anything.. Now do tell how you can change the pH of your blood which should be between 7.35-7.45. 

Don't know how much you can up your ph with hyperventilation and i don't know how much you can lower it while doing hypoxia. But it's possible to do it without psychic energy, found a graph! lol



Edited by Jon the frog

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13 hours ago, stereologist said:


1. making solar cells out of organic polymers

2. harnessing solar energy to split water into oxygen and hydrogen

1. The organic polymers is a direct photovoltaic cell. They do not split water.



1. You mention that melanin is an organic polymer. Wow. You learned something. I am so proud of you.


@stereologist and @Ankhael let's put the theory of the thread to the side for a second to get on common grounds of understanding each other. There seems to be a misunderstanding among us.. so let's talk pure science. Most of my source will be from wikipedia.


 Stereologist you said "1. The organic polymers is a direct photovoltaic cell. They do not split water. "...... (Photovoltaic(PV) is the conversion of light into electricity using semiconducting materials that exhibit the photovoltaic effect (Link).. The Photovoltaic effect is the creation of voltage and electric in a material upon exposure to light and is a physical and chemical phenomenon. So if they are talking about making solar cells out of organic polymers, then that means they will be using a process called "Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting"(Link), which is using electricity produce by "photovoltaic systems" to produce hydrogen. In this process, water is broken down (dissociate the water molecule)  into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis, but the electrical energy is obtain by a photoelectrochemical cell(Linkprocess, which is also called a solar cell This system is also called "Artificial Photosynthesis"(Link). SPhotoelectrochemical Water Splitting goes into method (2) "harnessing solar energy to split water into oxygen and hydrogen"


In your earlier post, you agreed with Ankhael that melanin is a organic polymer. Now, we know that according to John Mcginness, he discovered melanin as a organic semiconductor and a conductive polymer. So base on the information above, using our logical common sense, we know that it is NOT a long stretch to say melanin is a photo conductive polymer(Link) (photoconductivity, Link). Photoconductivity is an optical and electrical phenomenom in which materials becomes more electrically conductive due to the absorbtion of electromagnetic radiation such as visible light, ultraviolet light, infrared light, or gamma radiation(WHICH ALL COMES FROM SUNLIGHT). 

Now this information is obviously saying that organic polymers can split the water molecule using sunlight. The MIT Technology article is obviously saying that that they are going to create solar cells out organic polymers that will convert sunlight into electricity that will split the water molecule.

Now stereologist, To clarified this... I'm NOT saying that the MIT technology article is talking about melanin nor i'm saying that the article say it's splits the water molecule. I am merely pointing out the fact the MIT technology article is talking about using organic polymers to split the water molecule in the process of solar technology. On the other hand, Arturo's journal is talking about the human body using organic polymer(Melanin) to split the water molecule and the cell in the process of human health.. This is where we can see the similarities of Arturo's research and MIT technology's research... that is all. i hope both of guys understand my point of view.


Edited by Aten34
specifying the quoting

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