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Robot that can imagine itself created


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Scientists at the University of Columbia, New York, have developed a smart robot that can imagine itself and can learn about it, from scratch, with zero prior knowledge of geometry, physics, or motor dynamics.

The research team believes creation of this self-imagining robot could be the first step towards the "self-aware" robotic machines envisaged in science fiction books and films, such as I, Robot.

Full report at Computing magazine: https://www.computing.co.uk/ctg/news/3070228/robot-able-to-imagine-itself-created-by-columbia-university-scientists

A Step Closer to Self-Aware Machines

Full monty at Columbia Uni: https://engineering.columbia.edu/press-releases/lipson-self-aware-machines

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Rise of the Machines!!!
Someone tell John Connor to get ready, or is he the bad guy in this timeline now? Whatever, everyone stockpile capacitors and inductors to make you own improvised EMP grenades!

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This is the first step in creating robots that can innovate I think. Just think you could send a team of robots to Mars with the task of building a habitat fit for humans to live in. Problems would be run into that we couldn’t anticipate but an innovative machine may come up with ways to solve the problem on the spot without input from us.

Or they may take over and kill us all without passion because they don’t see any practical reason for our existence :)

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