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Still Waters

Salon offers haircuts for homeless people

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Still Waters

A hairdresser has opened up her salon to offer free haircuts to homeless people.

Susan McGorm, 34, is offering the cuts on Sunday in the hope that the small gesture will "perk up" the people who take up her offer.

Ms McGorm said she wanted to do something to put out some "good karma" and help in whatever way she could.

She said seeing people on the streets had "spurred her on" to do something in her local community.


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and then

Homeless people tend to be treated as invisible and this lady is doing something that could make a tremendous difference for some of them.  She's reminding them they aren't forgotten, nor are they invisible.  GOOD on her!

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Amazing! I think sometimes people forget how hard it can be to get a job when you are homeless. Without access to all of the proper hygiene tools it can be very hard to make good impressions at interviews as well, but without a job you can't get access to proper materials. This kind of stuff is what we need to get people headed in the right direction!

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 What a great thing.   Hopefully others follow suit. 

When you are low on cash, paying for a haircut is pretty low on the priority list.  Hopefully they go very short so that they will look presentable for a bit longer.  

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