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John Hilton


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John Hilton

The man had incredible powers which remain a mystery to this day.. 


look at these

"under great nervous excitement, the pupil, black, blazing and intense, drives the curtain widely apart until there is no trace of the iris, and consequently no color to the eye. It is jet black. Under such circumstances the effect is sometimes awful, especially if the fire is kept within steady control. Some persons who are able to master the wills of others depend solely on this power of expanding the pupil of the eye. The beholder realizes that a change is taking place in the character of the face before him, but he does not analyze its nature. He may be influenced to a degree that leaves him practically helpless, yet he is not by any means put into a hypnotic sleep."


This occult passage describes the level of rasputins powers...


Read this too:


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Dilated pupils are a sign of being high on drugs. So Rasputin was high (a lot?). Explains his madness too.

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Kittens Are Jerks

A good article dispelling certain myths about Rasputin, including his supposed mystical powers:

Desperate to find a cure for their ailing son’s hemophilia, one night they called upon Rasputin. After his session with the young boy, the bleeding seemed to stop for some time. Some historians, such as Pierre Gilliard, have speculated that the bleeding likely stopped as a result of Rasputin’s insistence on disallowing the administration of aspirin (a known blood-thinning agent), and not any “mystical” powers he may have had. 



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Rasputin was a significant figure, although he looked like a peasant and possessed extremely great vitality (which did not allow the poison to kill him), knew how to understand people who were in what position and who did not have the right qualities and he could approach to the tsar and tsarina participating in state affairs. Rasputin predicted that he could be killed and he said that if he died by the hand of an ordinary person, then Russia would have nothing, but if he died by the hand of a nobleman, then Russia expects revolition, terror and cruel people in power, which is what happened when the communists and Stalin came.

more detailed:


In addition, Grigory Efimovich participated in all public affairs, trying to protect Russia from world war, which, in his conviction, would bring innumerable suffering to the people, general discontent and revolution. It was not part of the instigators of World War I who plotted against the seer to eliminate Rasputin.

Before committing the murder of Grigory Rasputin, the opponents tried to destroy him spiritually. He was accused of being Khlysty, witchcraft, drunkenness, and depraved behavior. But Nicholas II did not want to take into account any arguments, since he faithfully believed the old man and continued to discuss all state secrets with him.

Therefore, in 1914, an “anti-Rasputin” conspiracy arose, initiated by Prince Felix Yusupov, Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolayevich Jr., who later became commander-in-chief of all military forces of the Russian Empire during the First World War, and Vladimir Purishkevich, who was then a real state adviser.

From the first time, it was not possible to kill Grigory Rasputin - he was seriously wounded in the village of Pokrovsky by Khionia Guseva. At that time, while he was on the verge between life and death, Nicholas II decided to participate in the war and announced mobilization. At the same time, he continued to consult with the recovering seer about the correctness of his military actions, which again was not part of the plans of the royal enemies.

Therefore, it was decided to complete the plot against Rasputin. On December 29 (new style) of 1916, the elder was invited to the Palace of Prince Yusupov to meet with a famous beauty, the prince's wife Irina, who needed the knowledge of Gregory Yefimovich. There they began to treat him with poisonous food and drinks, but potassium cyanide did not kill Rasputin, which made the conspirators shoot him.

After several shots in the back, the old man continued to fight for life and was even able to run out into the street, trying to escape from the murderers. After a short chase, accompanied by shooting, the healer fell to the ground and was subjected to severe beating by his pursuers. Then an exhausted and downtrodden old man was tied up and thrown from the Petrovsky Bridge into the Neva. According to historians, being in icy water, Rasputin died only a few hours later (water was found in his lungs, which indicates that when he was thrown from the bridge into the water, he was still alive)

Nicholas II commissioned the investigation into the murder of Grigory Rasputin to the Director of the Police Department, Alexey Vasilyev, who was on the trail of the healer's killers. 2.5 months after the death of the elder, Emperor Nicholas II was overthrown, and the head of the new Provisional Government ordered that the investigation into Rasputin’s case be hastily stopped.

Despite the fact that the Soviet authorities considered the elder a charlatan, the predictions of Grigory Rasputin, left by him on 11 pages, were carefully hidden from the public after his death. In his "testament" to Nicholas II, the seer pointed to the commission of several revolutionary coups in the country and warned the tsar about the murder of the entire imperial family on the "order" of the new authorities.

Rasputin also predicted the creation of the USSR and its inevitable collapse. The elder predicted that Russia would defeat Germany in World War II and become a great power. At the same time, he foresaw terrorism at the beginning of the XXI century, which will begin to flourish in the West.

In his predictions, Grigory Yefimovich did not ignore the problems of Islam, clearly pointing out that in a number of countries Islamic fundamentalism is formed, which in the modern world is called Wahhabism. Rasputin argued that at the end of the first decade of the 21st century, power in the East, namely in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, would be seized by Islamic fundamentalists, who would declare Jihad to the United States.







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I jumped right past boney m,



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On 2/5/2019 at 12:43 PM, John Hilton said:

The part about concentration of the mind and being a "egoist" I don't agree with. A true shaman's "Power of Intention" has nothing to do with their ego. 

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What I do know is that this is the most famous bunch of klutzy, inept, Incompetent, Blundering assassins ever to have been recorded in History


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