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trevor borocz johnson

The beginning of The End in 4 1/2 years

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I Hope so and then, I love life...and even humanity !   

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Mr Walker

Not being a citizen of the usa this is irrelevant to me, except as it affects the rest of the world 

First, your president was elected by his fellow Americans, and the only way to remove him is either to vote him out, or find grounds for impeachment 

Second He actually doesn't seem to be doing too bad a job,  and certainly no worse than most of the preceding presidents in the last 30 years .

Third, because he is popular with one segment of America, he is unpopular with another segment.. This is a result of the great divides remaining in america, socially and economically 

Fourth, most of his problems are ones of image rather than performance.. He contributes to this but the media, who largely fall into the opposing segment of the society (liberal) really beat up insignificant  issues 

His job is two fold. First the external and internal security of the nation (as direct commander in chief of the armed forces)  and helping capitalism and free enterprise  maintain a strong economy.  The economy directly corresponds to military security. China has now surpassed America as an economic power and in a few years will thus surpass you militarily, unless you grow a stronger economy 

It is really down to other politicians to make more "minor" adjustments to social and economic equality. 

in my mind the main issue facing Americans has two elements The strength of the economy and the nature of your future society and who you want to make up that society.

  The issue is maintaining the right to control movement into the united states and whether human beings have an unfettered and natural right to just move from one county to another unhindered.  

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Mr Walker
On 08/02/2019 at 6:11 AM, Tatetopa said:

How about a third choice?  An AI like SIRI or Alexa that really, really cares about us on a deep personal level as individuals.  She helps us call our friends and adjusts our thermostats and helps us monitor calories and what we watch on TV.  A personal assistant /  leader tailored for each individual?  What more could the people want?  Gentle guidance and help with our opinions, with only the mildest remonstrances when we misbehave.  "Now trevor, if you continue to behave in that way, I will temporarily sever all of your internet  links and deactivate your door lock, your self starting car and your credit cards until you become more reasonable."  A kinder, gentler leader.

The only thing you might think is missing would be a pleasing visual avatar.   Alexa has got it covered, situational avatars; anything from Gandalf to a Korean K-pop idol.  Welcome to the future of governance.

Shades of, "Electric Dreams" 

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