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Dangers of Marijuana

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Sir Smoke aLot
38 minutes ago, joc said:

Seizures are dangerous...they can come with no warning...Epileptics are not suppose to drive...but some do.  You want to go to a concert?  Huh uh...can you imagine up in the nose bleed section walking down and you have a seizure?  Or on an escalator?  Or the stairs or on a street corner?

Yeah man, exactly it really prevents people form leading normal life and to be able to do stuff by them self.  One can only hope that something good will come up to free them from their burden which is too heavy to carry. It's worst thing to feel powerless to help them but i can't imagine how they feel. Anyhow i am very optimistic and keep my hope high, trying to make him think the same and that's first step, rest will hopefully come on the way.

One time we were offered hyperbaric chamber therapy, doctor who proposed it said that it can help on cellular level to improve neural transmit but it feels as if it's merely profit oriented stunt rather than healing thing. 

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