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Mars One Ventures has been declared bankrupt


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Sad, I had hope for it but deep down I knew it would probably fail. 

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The biggest surprise is that it took this long for them to go bust. 

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Mars One was split into two ventures, the non-profit Mars One Foundation and the for-profit Mars One Ventures. The Swiss-based Ventures AG was declared bankrupt by a Basel court on January 15th and was, at the time, valued at almost $100 million. Mars One Ventures PLC, the UK-registered branch, is listed as a dormant company with less than £20,000 in its accounts.

It was my judgement from the beginning on that Mars One is/was a very big scam. Now, it would be of interest to know the cash flow within Lansdorp`s foundation and Mars One Ventures.

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Bring a handful of people there to experience it, then worry about colonization.. The ship that can carry the first humans to mars is a important task, classic don't run before u can walk.. Let's see it from a different angle.

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Cynical I know, but I am going to bet at least some people in that firm make some serious money even though it went bankrupt. Even for major governments with extremely deep pockets the idea of getting to the moon seems nearly impossible let alone getting to mars just to orbit it, let alone land and build a colony.

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Aggressive colonization without a return warranty was the way to go in the past history. The idea to use it for Mars can be interesting if a couple of robot waves to prepare the site have been done before to build infrastructures, power supplies, fuel sources and food production. To put human there first and build after is a little bit far fetched.

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Do not worry, Mask encourages lunar settlements:


2023: First manned BFR flight around the moon:



2024: The first flight of people to Mars:


2025: First landing of people on Mars in the history of mankind:


2028: Completion of the construction of the base "Alpha":


2030s (possibly): Building the first city on Mars:




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Could have saved some money by sending the people already dead rather than having them die out there.

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