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East Coast solar project generates fury

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Jon the frog
7 hours ago, DarkHunter said:

The solar panels themselves do get hot.  First just think about it logically for a moment, on average about 1 kW per meter reaches the earths surface from the sun.  A solar panel converts about 15% to 30% of that to electricity, reflects some small amount of it back away from the earth, but turns most of that energy to waste heat.  If one accounts for the amount turned to electricity and reflected away a solar panel will have a similar albedo effect as black asphalt, which tends to get rather hot in direct sunlight.

But to further prove my point without having to go into too much science, to be more exact thermodynamics there are these.

"Panels that are fixed parallel to the roof with little to no airflow between the rooftop and panel are the least efficient and experience the greatest rise in temperature (35°C). A typical rack-type installation will allow for a gap of greater than 150mm between the roof surface and the panel, allowing airflow to have a cooling effect on the panel. This type of installation is more efficient than an installation fixed parallel to the roof and typically leads to a 30°C rise in panel temperature. However, the best scenario is where the solar panel is pole-mounted in a free-standing frame (25°C)."


"Generally speaking, solar panels are 20°C (36℉) warmer than the ambient temperature. For example, the ambient temperature in the desert can reach 113℉, which this means solar panels in this climate can reach 149℉. While this would be uncomfortable to touch it is unlikely to give you any serious burns. A more valid concern is touching the metal frame of the panel."


There are more obviously online with different degrees of how in depth they get with the science, I went with ones that were less science heavy cause I dont like thermodynamics, but ultimately solar panels themselves do get hot and heat up the immediate area.

Yep solar panel are hotter than around them like i said to you, But they are not put on the ground in solar farm and normally grass grow more below them because you have less evapotranspiration because it's colder. I would not sleep on a solar panel, but i would sleep in his shade in a colder microclimate. 

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You know, solar panels can be placed on a raised surface.  There is no reason why they can't develop the land underneath and put the solar panels on top.   Of course, they would be more visible from a distance that way. 

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