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Ron Quinn and the Little People of New York

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 In 1936 a certain Mr. Lampeter wrote to John O'London's Weekly asking, in effect, whether anyone had seen fairies, because his area of Wales a number of people had claimed to have done so. Funny about that! For the next few months the magazine found itself publishing letters from people who claimed the experience. If you are interested, you can read them here (PDF 158 KB). Similarly, in 1989 Ron Quinn wrote in a weekly paper in upstate New York about his encounter with a little man in 1942, and gave them his name and address. He asked if anybody had had a similar experience. Funny about that! As you have probably guessed by now, over the coming weeks, dozens of letters arrived in his box.
      This, then is a review of Ron Quinn's book, Little People.

First of all, his own experience. It happened in August 1942, when he was ten years old, and holidaying in the Mongaup Valley of upper New York State. Having broken some minor infraction, he had been sent back to the cabin for an hour while the other children played. Just then he heard a tapping...


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There was a time when I would have scoffed at any suggestion of a reality behind any of this.

I now think there are beings on the etheric plane of nature (the one closest to the physical) that can temporarily make themselves known to us physical residents of the planet. These get called little people, gnomes, fairies, etc. and are more closely aligned with the nature world than the human world.

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The upper thin  earth's crust where the roots and seeds of plants are hidden, has its correspondence in the transphysical worlds - the wonderful country of Darainnu, the region of good spirits, nourishing the roots and seeds. Its landscape may seem magical: the seeds and roots glow quietly in the most delicate shades of bluish, silvery, greenish color; around each grain a lively aura shimmers softly. The inhabitants of Darainna are tiny creatures that look like white caps; on top of each is another cap, smaller, like a head; there is a pair of gentle and dexterous limbs - the middle between the arms and wings. They quietly swim through the air, rustling the folds of their caps - this is their speech, their form of communication with each other - and they value the seeds and roots as if they were cradles. They are aware of those mysterious processes by which a large tree grows from a tiny seed with all the complexity of its forms. If it were not for their help, the dark forces would gain access to these cradles and would have long since transformed the earth's surface into impenetrable thickets of nightmarish forms — vampirically predatory and ugly equivalents of vegetation.

more Elementals



The lower tier of the forest - mosses, grasses, bushes, everything that we call undergrowth - corresponds to a layer called Murohamma, and the abode of the elementals of trees is called Arashamph.
 Elemental Vajity play and celebrate with children Faltori - areas of elementals of meadows and fields.
Vlanim is a region of elementals of the upper layers of the sea. The landscape of this world - a bright blue, rhythmically agitated ocean - does not exist in such a tender, bright, entrancing blue in our world - and its waves bloom not with foam but with milky white openwork spheres that look like big flowers: the flowers dissolve and melt on the eyes, bloom and melt again.

Everywhere above the earth and the seas, Zunguf is stretched out — an area of elemental airy moisture creating clouds, rain, dew, and fog. Zunguf is not separated by a definite boundary from the Irudran-area of the elementals, whose activity is manifested by thunderstorms, partly by hurricanes; Both of these layers overlap each other, like their creatures.

And when the jets of rain fall on the ground and the stormy, cheerful children of Zunguf rejoice, then dropping to the ground and the surface of the waters, then spinning upward into the air raging with the water element - above, in Irudran, ratios of creatures unlike Tora and Indra rage with except for cheerful militancy: for them the storm is creativity, and a hurricane is the fullness of their life.

If, with a light frost, soft snow falls softly or if the trees and buildings are standing, covered with frost, the vigorous, playful, almost enthusiastic joy that we experience indicates the proximity of the wondrous elementals of Nivenna. White expanses, sinless special, inexpressible purity - this is what Nivenna is, the country of elementals of hoarfrost, falling snow, fresh snow cover. Frolicking in strange joy, similar to the gaiety of the elves, they cover the beloved land with their veil. Why does such joy of life permeate us when myriads of silent white stars quietly descend around? And why, when we see forests or city parks made with frost, do we have a feeling that combines solemnity and lightness, a surge of vitality and admiration, awe and children's delight? And those of us who have always kept a childish element in the soul, the elemental Nivennes love especially gently, they greet him and try to play with him: even arousal, boyish excitement, fast blood run in the veins of children during a game of snowballs or sledding from the mountains, pleasant for them.

A harsh and gloomy Akhash is adjacent to Nivenaya - a layer of arctic and antarctic elementals associated with the polar regions of our planet. Akhash has a cosmic extent, the Milky Way is visible from it. In the corresponding seasons, the boundaries of both polar zones move towards the tropics.
      The unbridled soul of these creatures, with its tendency to transition from crystal clear contemplation to frenzy, with its impulses to build whole worlds from transphysical ices, with her love to look, eye to eyes, to the bottomless dips of metagalaxy - put a striking imprint on the nature we all perceived polar pools. The “King of Blessing Wings,” Waumann, embodied the spirit of the airy ocean, extends his dominion from the extreme limits of the atmosphere to the deepest abysses. His brother Ea's “King of Reviving Waters”  was still revered by the Greeks under the name of Poseidon, the Romans under the name of Neptune, but the Babylonians, who worshiped the keeper and master of the world's waters, were most deeply understood by the magnificent cult. Both spirits bear eternal custody at the beginnings of life throughout the whole earth - not only in our level but also in many other sacuals. Both are as old as water and air, and as sinless as they are.

Even older than the third of the brothers - Pourne, "King of the Burning Body", because under the beliefs in Pluto and the Pit of the Ancients lies the deepest reality. This awesome lord of underground magmas is not a servant of great demon Gagtungr; however, his transformation is coming, it seems, after all, at the end of the second zone.

There is the fourth great brother, the youngest: Zaranda, embodied in his material layer - "The King of all the animal kingdoms." The tragic history of the animal kingdom in our world has left an imprint of deep, truly world-wide grief on his face. And no matter how historians would explain the symbolism of the Egyptian sphinx, metahistory will always see in it the emblem of one who combines the nature of the Great Beast with wisdom higher than human.

Two divine sisters share among themselves the remaining spheres of power: Estira, the "Queen of the Eternal Garden" - the lady of the plant kingdoms of the Earth, and Lilith - the "Popular Aphrodite" of all mankind.

Once, in the deepest antiquity, this elemental became the spouse of the First Angel, the greatest Spirit that became the Logos of Earth. It was during the creation of the angelic layers, and Lilith became the mother of this first humanity. But Gagtungr managed to penetrate into the world of Lilith, and her thinnest material body perceived a certain demonic element. It was a disaster. Since then, all the chains of the genus, formed by it, whether in the worlds of the titans, daimons or people, perceive something of this element. Jewish mysticism knows the term "yetzer hara" - the seed of the devil in man.




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