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Still Waters

Plea to solve Welsh beach 'coin tree' mystery

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Still Waters

A couple have asked for help to solve the mystery of how a coin-studded tree trunk appeared on a south Wales beach.

The length of a trunk is covered in battered British coins, all wedged into the wood.

It was spotted by Rowli and Pat Rees during a walk in Mumbles, Swansea, near Blackpill.

There is speculation the trunk could be part of a centuries-old tradition of 'wishing trees' - where coins are driven into a tree to bring good luck.


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Why not look at the coins? That'll likely give them an idea of age or origin. 

In fact why don't I go and look, I'm from Mumbles. That said this isn't actually Mumbles, it's about two miles along the bay in no man's land. 


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