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New NASA team to help detect life beyond Earth

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I wonder sometimes that will all of the projects NASA has going, that maybe they are spread too thin.  We need to know if we are or not alone, but making long distance flights more quickly may be of just as much use as sending signals.  We have identified numerous planets that could support life,. Should we not look there first?  Impractical at the moment, but in a few decades, who knows?

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EBE Hybrid

Whilst I applaud the effort being put into searching for non-terrestrial life from both a philosophical and cultural perspective, it's worth bearing in mind that any signals that we can detect with current levels of technology, would probably have been transmitted millions of years ago which is probably more than enough time for a civilisation to rise, fall and probably become extinct (certainly if they're any like us).

I think NASA should be concentrating it's efforts in some visible 'victories' such as establishing a permanently manned lunar outpost, working on utilising that technology to get to Mars, setting up much larger radio telescopes in the process (a radio telescope array with dishes on Mars and the Moon would effectively be a huge virtual telescope). Efforts should also be employed to develop faster than light communication based on the effects of quantum entanglement (quantum entanglement itself wouldn't be useful for deep space communication or detection due to our current understanding of entanglement theory would require an entangled pair being created by the same event)

NASA should also look into becoming a globally funded organization, developing space research and technology for all of mankind rather than being aligned to one flag, and let's face it even with the funding that the USA gives to NASA it's not really fair to expect U.S. tax payers to foot the bill for all of this.

And Pluto should get it's status back as a planet!

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Raptor Witness

Why bother, there is alien life operating on and around the earth.

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On 20/02/2019 at 11:14 PM, UM-Bot said:

The Center for Life Detection Science will work towards the goal of detecting extraterrestrial life on other worlds.


Can they point that thing back at Earth? Maybe towards the Whitehouse.., see what the official answer is.

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