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An old devilish woman

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So. My family and I have been living in this house for about 5 years. As soon as I walked in, I immediately felt a dark presence in the house.

I at first didn't know where it was coming from until we started actually moving things into rooms and unpacking. I was helping my step sister unpack her stuff in her room and I felt, sad. It was weird. Normally spirits can't control my emotions because of how psychologically and spiritually strong I am.

I was putting some of her stuff in her closet and then I turned around. There was this huge dark, black aura coming from the boarding of the attic.

Now this house used to be a duplex apartment and her room was the old kitchen of the upstairs apartment.

After a while we put a rosary on her closet door to at least stop whatever was in the attic from coming down. This was around the time we didn't know how strong this woman actually was.

A year or two go by and she starts showing her face in my bedroom mirror. Right then I found out she was pretty strong so I need to bring up my spiritual embalance.

She was fine. She didn't really do anything but try and scare us off.

I figured she wasn't a threat. That is until my sister got pregnant with my nephew.

Ever since then, she felt as if we were a threat. I sensed why. My nephew is stronger than she is, but, he cant unlock his power normally until the age of 5. Hes almost 2.

Shes been trying to find a way to kill him so he doesn't end up getting rid of her.

For a while now she hasn't been messing with us. Normally she tries messing with our heads. But she hasn't done that in a year or so.

As I was trying to fall asleep tonight, she started messing with me again. She was showing my old friend damien, whom I saw kill himself at a young age, in my head crying and saying "You forgot me. You forgot me."

As my eyes were closed, I was crying because he was very dear to me. What should I do about her? Invading my head and bringing out one of the most sensitive topics about my life?

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Let me, rephrase a few words. She more wants to get rid of my nephew as get him out the house.

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