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I have always had an interest in the paranormal and unexplained mysteries, So over the last few years I have been visiting old abandoned and haunted buildings, after having various strange encounter's and my brother capturing strange anomalies , I decided to start to try and document some of the strange occurrences. The first place that I decided to test my new camera and ghost box is a Mental asylum in Wales that has been abandoned since the early 90's, Originally constructed in 1862 the building is steeped in history, After checking over the building and ensuring that no one was on the property We set the camera up at the bottom of the main staircase , and began a spirit box session, after hearing footsteps from the 1st floor , we hear a huge bang which is caught on the footage attached, and there are many orbs , Tbh after reviewing the footage I believe the orbs must be dust due to the fact we had just ran down the dusty stairs, haha but it was a really fun investigation , I am also looking at buying a portal which will clean up the spirit box voices and also amplify them, If you are interested in looking over the footage I would be interested in hearing your opinions , This is my first time editing videos and I will be doing more videos in the future but this is a hobby which is quite addictive to say the least, I have been on 3 more investigations since this 1 however only had very small anomalies occur over large periods of time so will probably not be uploading these..

 Anyway let me know if any of yourself have been exploring the paranormal,

and if you have managed to catch anything when investigating


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16 minutes ago, jimmy2020 said:

 Anyway let me know if any of yourself have been exploring the paranormal,


As long as you have permission to explore the properties. Not a lot of people here condone trespassing. Including the management. 

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