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Borderland Phenomena Volume 1: Spontaneous

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11 minutes ago, macqdor said:

Anybody can criticize.  That's EZ.  The internet makes that so EZ to do.    Not everybody can write a book.  Writing a book is hard. ANY BOOK.  Write a book about the paranormal.  About poltergeist?  I hope you have thick skin. I hope you're used to cynicism.   That and more are what you going to get.   I get an email from Google every time my name is searched.  I'm pretty sure Louis Proud got a few alerts today as well (the minute I posted about his book).     

It's not about critizing. It's about pointing out misinformation. If Louis studied a little astronomy and physics he would understand a hollow moon is impossible. As for people sensing magnetic fields and having a good sense of direction. That's a well known fact of anatomy. If he didn't delve into them too deeply. What does that say his other research?

How do you get that email notification? I imagine I'm searched a lot by the people here at Rowan U. I'm a Redbonz ghetto rat and not exactly politically correct. :lol:


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