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Best video evidence?

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On 3/15/2019 at 8:57 AM, the13bats said:

In my collection is one of these,


HOLY SMOKES!!!! .......I WANT ONE!!!! 

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1 hour ago, the13bats said:

Post 50 and nothing...speaks volumes.

I'm actually really surprised.

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12 hours ago, esoteric_toad said:

There is no reason that any location that makes claims of ongoing hauntings can give for why there has been no ongoing investigation to find any and all evidence, paranormal or not. There is no rational reason that there wouldn't be given the claims made.

Amazing claims are made regarding so many locations and yet nothing of substance is ultimately attempted to prove or back any of it up.

It seems to me many have been studied by competent investigators. What more can be done but more of the same? Do you know of any new techniques they aren't using? What will more of the same change?

12 hours ago, esoteric_toad said:


Ongoing haunting claims simply do not hold up because they do not want ongoing real research.


I have seen many owners of locations fully co-operative with investigative teams. And the teams record startling events.

My main point: You seem to think there is some definitive equipment or technique or scientists that can settle this once and for all. Well, tell us of such equipment and techniques as I am sure current investigators would be interested in anything feasible.


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On 3/14/2019 at 8:28 PM, esoteric_toad said:

This is it exactly. I mean there are literally thousands of videos out there but I do not have the time nor the interest in wading through all the dreck that is out there.

I really did try and find some videos that might be posted on the worlds most popular video sharing service, youtube, and the same tired garbage kept popping up duplicated throughout virtually all of the "Top <insert number here> scariest ghosts caught on video!!!!!". So many of them obviously faked for the fans of just being freaked out. So so many bad girl-in-a-white-night-shirt-with-long-black-hair-covering-her-face videos...and the red circles....they are everywhere! "Surveillance" cameras pointed at the silliest things that would make zero sense. Video of video, really? It goes on and on. 

So I think to myself. UM has some folks that are really into ghosts and stuff. Maybe they have some links to share that do NOT fall into the above categories.  I would go as far as biting my tongue if I found them silly personally.

Many of us believe not because on any video we saw, but because of things we have experienced personally. 

I am a total believer in the paranormal. However I wouldn’t consider any video to be proof of it. Just to easy to fake these days. 

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