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Dead Ex visits to warn me of death of coming

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I just want to understand if anyone has experienced this. But of background of my life I rarely talk about. 

I had an on again off again boyfriend from the age of 17 to 23. I have never met someone I was so incredibly in sync with. There was a 9 year difference between us, total opposites but the spiritual pull we both felt was strong.

Little things like, he would be singing a song in his head when we were at the shops, then when it came to the chorus, I would sing it out loud randomly and he would look at me like he had seen a ghost. Would freak him out.

When he bought his first unit and I moved in he never told me about the previous owner. One night I could hear this distorted noise, like a fm radio on the wrong channel, real echo of a woman talking for like a good 5 minutes. It was nearly bed time. The noise was coming from the corner of the bedroom, but if you went outside where you think the radio noise was coming from, was silent, you come back in and approach the corner closer and you can hear it. He then told me you heard Mrs Bredna the owner who lived her prior but died, and he had been hearing her for months.

My ex wasn’t well, he had depression and drank a lot. When he would pass out from drinking in the unit one night I heard three loud knocks on the wall of the unit. I could feel something there and I didn’t understand what it meant. I still don’t.

We once sat on a bench trying to sort out us, and a crow flew down and sat on the end of the bench and was crowing and wouldn’t go away. We both felt something and again couldn’t explain it. Still don’t understand.

fast forwarding many years later, I got pregnant and he didn’t want the baby and at this point he started to abuse me when he got drunk before he blacked out. I got rid of the baby and I was never the same.

the abuse got worse and worse so with the help of police I left him.

in the first few months of leaving him, he naturally moved on and slept with another woman. The only reason I knew this is because I dreamt it. But as if I was starring through someone else’s eyes watching it happen live and they were in the room projecting it to me. I called and confronted and told him and he owned up and said yes. Even my description of her was spot on. This is the first time this projector thing has happened. I don’t know who it is, but they sync in with me and I can see in real time, future or past of a living or deceased person. I can’t explain it, I don’t understand and it freaks my husband out. 

I then met at 24 my future husband (I’m now 30). Two years that my husband and I were together (so I’m 26) I was in the kitchen washing up. I had an image in my head even though my eyes were open. As if I was standing in my bedroom at the other end of the town house at the same time looking outside the window and saw a tall man in the drive way starring up at the town house. He was wearing a black leather jacket and jeans and had dark blonde hair, no face. And I then snapped out of this mini trance vision I had just seen and thought “well that was weird”. It was January 2015.

i felt something in January and February following me around. I kept telling my husband. He is saying your tired and when your tired you get sensitive to energy around you. I said I know that but this feeling is different. I said to him in January before I had the vision of the man in my drive way. I said to him I saw a hand waving at me in front of my face trying to get my attention and could almost feel like they are sitting with me on the couch trying to connect with me. It was odd.

fast forward the next month and it was out two year anniversary and the feeling of the faceless man kept playing in my mind. My husband was asleep. So for some reason I went on google and typed in my ex boyfriends name. 

There it was. He died January 9th 2015. And his funeral was on the 15th. As soon as I have typed this  sentence I can see a flash of him in front of me watching what I am typing..

Since 2015 to now, when I am emotionally stressed or sad, or even when I mention him or think about him I will see a flash of him visually faded, won’t be all of him, might he a shoulder or outline or leg. Or a little flash of light but it’s always a sense of him.

But hears the fun and annoying thing of it all.

when we were together I explained in my family in my mums side there is a belief that if we dream of water and teeth falling out death is coming. And when I dream of it, it usually happens within a week or two.

we loved animals more than people. 

In late 2015 my dreams of water and teeth happened and he appeared constantly for like two weeks trying to get my attention to the point where my hearing would get really fuzz like a high pitched frequency radio buzz. Then my cat died.

Now 2019 in the last three weeks I told my husband about the teeth and the water dreams happening. And at work at my desk or at home I hear the high pitches fuzzy noise and flashes of light or bits of him appearing. Then my husband and I, our dog, our fur baby, died last Wednesday. 

And I remember when it happened I cried on the floor of the bedroom and looked up at the curtain and could just feel him there and I was talking like a crazy person to something that wasn’t there but was and I knew it was him because he has a certain energy, I said what is the point of warning me of things that are about to happen. I cannot stop it. I can’t do anything about it. So why bother trying to tell me. I don’t know what you want from me.

And that is the moment in which I am here at 11:45ish at night. Typing on this website. Reaching out.

What does he want from me. I forgave him many years ago. There is no more pain. I loved him and I still do. I have let go I thought. Or is it that he hasn’t? Maybe I haven’t. Or is it when we were together and he was alive and the strong spiritual connection we had, it has continued on since he has passed and he is now acting as my protector as he did once before?

I don’t understand. Help me make sense of it. 








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@eight bits 

 You need to read this. This poor soul needs some help. 

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I definitely think you are a sensitive psychic type from all that. I've heard some say certain abilities can be more a curse than a blessing though and that seems to be what you are suggesting.

One thing I didn't get from your story is why did you make the connection (or did you?) between your ex and the water/teeth/death dreams. I wonder if they are separate subjects but both signs of your sensitivity.

3 hours ago, PinkGarfield said:

Help me make sense of it. 

Well, that is beyond me, but I would try some internet wandering. I have heard many psychically inclined people go through things like you and come out on the other side. Not being particularly psychic myself, I haven't looked into this much but I have heard people out there that try to help from a place of love.

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Before he died, my husband recalled I went through a period of the death looming signs. Water and teeth dreams.

i have always had it since I was a kid and as I grew older it developed to the point where it was a flash of a man or female. Sometimes it’s so fuzzy I can’t work out if they are related to me, or if it’s a work mate, or if it’s my friends friend.

Before he died I didn’t get the fuzzy noises constantly whilst I was having the dreams.

then he died and the fuzzy noises are so strong to the point where everyone else around me, I feel almost like they sound under water because the fuzzy noise is that stronge.

the fuzzy noise before he died would come now and then from random passer bys I would call them.

It’s not just about the animals, there has been death/near death experiences trigger dream warnings I have experienced since his death in 2015 and now all accompanied by the super stronger fuzzy noise and I was paranoid who what why. I have determined from the feeling it’s him that’s me fuzzy vibe. But...I sound like a total but...I want to switch it off. 

I cant control it and it makes me more worked up then at peace when it happens.


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