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'Extinct' cougars sighted in North Carolina

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Robotic Jew
On 3/22/2019 at 1:40 PM, Hawken said:

The one that was caught on trail cam was in Pike county and others in Morgan & Calhoun.  Nobody knows for sure if it's the same cougar or 3 different ones.

The counties are in close proximity with each other. Here's a pic of the one in Pike.



That's a well fed housecat...:ph34r:

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The Iowa DNR maintained that they were extinct in the state as well.  There have only been 25 confirmed sightings in the state in the past couple of decades.  Two in Des Moines itself.  Now the official line is that they are a native species of the state, hunted to extinction in 1880 and coming back.

Given their protected status west of the Rockies, it's not a surprise that overpopulation in those states is driving them east.

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Interesting.  I still see cougars all over the place.  Especially in bars and shopping malls.

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