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Why Does Matter Still Exist in the Universe?

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Why is there a great deal of matter in the universe, but very little antimatter? Scientists believe that both should have existed in equal amounts at the start of the universe.  Further--that collisions of matter and antimatter particles should have long ago destroyed both completely, leaving only the resultant energy.  

The CERN Large Hadron Collider has uncovered a new source of matter-antimatter asymmetry, which should help to explain this situation. It is not a complete solution, but is another piece put into place in the puzzle. It points out the way to possible further discoveries in this vein, once the LHC receives planned further improvements.The hope is that one day we will have a complete answer to the question, why do matter, and hence ourselves, exist. 

Please find an article with further information on this new discovery, linked below. 


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and then

Well... we have to leave SOMETHING to the imagination, don't we?  :w00t:

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