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and then

Russian Troops arrive in Venezuela

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Raptor Witness
2 hours ago, Tatetopa said:

Sorry bud, but it could happen.  If it does, it is likely to be the reign of vengeance.  Payback time for everybody the offended the President. 

This argument reminds me of a movie clip, with a certain ending.


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Raptor Witness

In case you’ve forgotten...


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2 hours ago, Tatetopa said:

Who says they are leaving?

Then can’t sustain a long-term presence.


Past is past.  If we went in today we couldn't get the goods flowing any faster.  

I’m not saying that we need to ‘go in’ but by supporting Guaido with help from Brazil, Venezuela could get themselves back on their feet.


The Russians are in an expansion frame of mind. 

When haven’t they?


We seem to be in a build a wall, keep all our problems outside, and  we will be in great shape frame of mind. 

That’s not the only frame of mind we are in.  Let’s start to get our house in order.  Building the wall is a good place to start.  The wall is not the endgame.


We are hesitant to support Europe and NATO unless they pay their way. 

And there’s something wrong with that?  Heaven forbid that Europe should support themselves.  Everybody is so against us nation building.  What do you think us footing the bill for NATO is called?  NATO is made up of the wealthiest nations on the planet.


We would like to see the EU break up so that we could negotiate better trade deals with each nation. 

That may be true and I see nothing wrong with that.  The individual countries of the EU are not like the individual states of the United States.


We seem to be in a money now frame of mind, not a long term investment frame of mind. 

I would say we are in a very long-term investment frame of mind.  Trump is restructuring to be in a better position for the long haul.


Light Venezuela crude is a world standard. 

Like SA, that sweet crude is going to run out.  That is just a fraction of the oil out there.


It is a great resource for Russia to control to put a check on the Saudis 

But it’s not reliable.  During a conflict, it will be one of the first things cut off.  If that happens, they’ll have to go to tar sands and shales.


You think about the Soviets in Syria or Afghanistan, large commitments of troops and materials with a thin payback.   Now consider Venezuela, a big payback with a relatively small investment.

You have to be able to defend the supply route.  Russia does not care about the oil.  It’s the location.  It is a repeat of the Cuban Missile Crises.  Putin is checking Trump.


The world has changed since the blockade of Cuba. 

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


We don't have the world support we did then.

Does that really matter?  The world still needs to worry about Russian expansion.  Russia has been slowly acquiring territory.  On the other hand, Their GDP is like 12th.  Their stockpile can’t be all that potent.  It is unsustainable.  They may have a big bite on paper but it’s not as reliable as their bark.

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and then
13 hours ago, Tatetopa said:

Venezuela will be a happy functioning economy under the Russian model.

:huh:  Is this irony?

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35 minutes ago, and then said:

Is this irony?

It was meant to be but now I'm not so sure.  Most of my life, I have been taught to fear or distrust Russia from the time we used to hide under our desks for nuclear bomb drills.   But contrary to Clinton, Trump believes that we can get along.  I would rather do it his way than hers. Russians seem to be pretty happy and proud of their country, far better than those days during the collapse of the soviet union.  So, maybe a socialist country like Venezuela would consider moving to a functioning Russian model an improvement.

Do we  want to offer them an alternative?

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Raptor Witness
Posted (edited)

So far we haven't see Trump say too much about this, directly, which is telling.

I guess kissing the ring of the Mob Boss has it's costs, like say .... the Monroe Doctrine?



Edited by Raptor Witness

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