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Gold leaf lady debunk?

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Not A Rockstar
5 hours ago, Rlyeh said:

You'd think if they wanted to support the claim it forms on her skin they'd try and show it happening in action.

This is why I doubt the whole thing. I have read quite a bit about her and the claim, but the bottom line is that the doctor backing her never filmed that, and when asked why not just said he already knew it was all true so wasn't concerned with proof. If you are talking about something where it is repeatable and possible to get proof, why not do that? A film would make the pile of witness claims seem a lot more likely. A supposed man of science not going for easily had transparency and evidence?

The most interesting hypothesis about the phenomenon was that it could be a form of poltergeist activity. Yet, it has aspects of being an apport type of event also. A film would have been great to see examples of it.

If true. 


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Posted (edited)

Any doctor that isn't a complete quack would have documented the hell out of something like that, complete fake all around.

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