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Clairvoyance Mystery Or Is It??

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Hi, I've been experiencing very clear and random visions, I was not even asleep my eyes were closed I was very awake this occurred yesterday I saw a video of blue and orange houses looked like it was at a town could be in the city saw people walking around, the feeling I felt was positive energy from the people and scene and most importantly in that vision or video there was a bright red sports car driving around it was as though the driver wanted to show off the car to everyone in town. I then got distracted thinking about "oh my goodness what is this and had a tiny bit of fear" I opened my eyes and it was gone. This is not the first time, a few moments after that day I closed my eyes to nap didn't think i would experience that again, as I was dazing off to sleep I saw a little girl with black long hair i couldn't see her face she was sitting either eating or drawing but immediately I opened my eyes because twice in one day?? I've experienced these kind of episodes before, not frequently and the reason why could be because I get very tired so I pass out immediately i get too tired to pay attention, I remember before a while back , I saw a video of a lady dressed in white, she was dancing happily in slow motion couldn't see her face clearly she was with a man, the man seemed bigger couldn't see his face only his body I felt an overprotective energy and he was twirling her around felt his love towards her felt like it could of been her father (not sure), this was at the top of a mountain very high it reached the sky there were beautiful tall flowers around, her energy was peaceful and happy, I also seen another video of kids walking to the park they were very happy I couldn’t hear anything I was just seeing them walking to the park holding hands on a sunny day, I am intrigued by these episodes, is just that sometimes fearing the unknown doesn’t help me accomplish much, I want to understand what it exactly it means, I am catholic I usually pray. I've experienced random sleep paralyses in the past, I think there is something about my soul that attracts the other side, when i tell people they look at me like I'm crazy.  Please, if you experiencing similar circumstances please help, i'm not sure what any of it could mean, I seek guidance but im not sure how. *snip* Please contact me.

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ouija ouija

Hello, anaporquin08. Welcome to UM :st

I'm not sure I understand why these 'visions' are frightening you .... they sound very pleasant; just your mind doing what it does whilst resting. As you say, you usually drop off to sleep quickly and there's no time for this dreaming. Clairvoyance is seeing into the future .... have your 'visions' duplicated themselves in real, waking life situations? If not, you are not experiencing clairvoyance.

'Something about my soul that attracts the other side': could you explain further what you mean, please? I don't see anything in your post that could possibly be described as 'the other side'. Why are people looking at you as though you are crazy? Are you telling them you are a clairvoyant?

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