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"Three-parent" baby born in Greece

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"A 32-year-old Greek woman gave birth on Tuesday to a baby boy carrying DNA from three people. The child’s birth is the result of a revolutionary technique which doctors say could help infertile couples around the world.

The woman participated in the first known clinical trial carried out using the Maternal Spindle Transfer technique for the treatment of infertility problems."

At the Greek Reporter: https://greece.greekreporter.com/2019/04/11/three-parent-baby-boy-born-in-greece-in-medical-breakthrough/

"Greece achieves birth of the world’s first baby through the Institute of Life’s and Embryotools implementation of Maternal Spindle Transfer in a woman suffering from multiple IVF failures."

Full press release at the Greek Institute of Life: https://www.iolife.eu/news-press/news/press-release-9-april-2019/


This is not the first "three-parent" birth.. that happened in 2016:


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and then

The kid in 5 years: "and this is my mom, and my uncledaddy and our dog, Flake.  :) 

Sorry, it's just so strange to ponder how complicated things have gotten.  It sucks to become an old fart :( 

I heard a story similar to this a few days ago.  A gay man and his husband got an egg from husband's sister and implanted a fertilized embryo in the other partner's 61-year-old mom's womb.  That's confusing to even write down.  So holidays are definitely going to be interesting in that family.  I'm not mocking these guys, either.  We adopted when my wife and I failed to conceive and I get the concept of wanting to love and nurture a child.  It's a fundamental part of being human, IMO. 

I guess I don't understand the need to go to such lengths to bring a child into the world in such a manner when so many are already here and wanting to be loved.  

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