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Mystic B

3 card tarot reading

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Mystic B

Offering a 1 question 3 card reading. To receive your reading send me your name and dob, plus 1 question you want me to focus on. 

Love & Light 

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Hi, I'm asking for a reading.

Thomas D 2/16/1961

Back in 1986,in Florida,I enrolled into a 1-day-a week,'Psychic Group', practicing  Psychometry.I tried it and seen pictures,movies,smelled bacon being cooked...etc.

Before we all put our keys or jewelry into a box,we asked for guidance from the spirit world.Usually Red Skinned Indians were seen by some people in the class.

I only could attend for 5 classes.One time after the 4th class,I told my roommate about the class,he gave me his keys to hold....nothing come through.

On the next class,I seen smoke coming out of a chimney,and I could smell bacon being cooked.

I couldn't attend any more sessions due to a job.

I moved back to Connecticut 4 months later.

My Question: Why was the class sessions so easy for me? It worked like I was a Professional Psychometrist Reader.BUT,I tried Psychometry too many times with zero results.

WHY? Mediums,Tarot readers,psychics,they all have no answer. How can I get the Psychometry working again? Please, no basic answer.Thank You.>..Thomas D.

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