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Still Waters

'King Edward IV' gold hat pin unearthed

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Still Waters

An amateur metal detectorist has unearthed a gold hat pin worth £15,000 (AUD27k) that may have belonged to King Edward IV, who reigned during the 15th century.

Lisa Grace, 42, spotted the Medieval jewel, which is in pristine condition, while searching a recently-ploughed field in Lincolnshire.

It is believed the pin is linked to royalty as Edward IV and his circle wore strikingly similar pieces during his two reigns as King from 1460 until his death in 1483.

Experts believe that the jewel was made in the late 15th century and is designed as a sun in splendour - the personal emblem of Edward IV.


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Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Barnet. :lol:

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