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Still Waters

Bride gives live goldfish as wedding favours

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Still Waters

Every bride wants their big day to be perfect – but one maid of honour has revealed how her best friend’s desire to give her guests goldfish as a wedding favour went drastically wrong.

The woman recalled how her former pal – who was a self-confessed animal lover – wanted fish in a tank as an unusual centre-piece on each table at her reception.

Despite her chief bridesmaid’s warnings that nobody would want to take them home from the wedding to keep as pets – and that the noise and transportation would be traumatic for them – she insisted on ordering a hundred of them in without thinking what would happen if they hadn’t been adopted by the time the globes had to be returned.


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I'm impressed the poor bridesmaid didn't smack that stupid bride in the face. Then again, maybe she did, considering that they are "ex-friends"

I mean how stupid and self-centered can you get?

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