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Woman throws puppies into a dumpster

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"A woman suspected of dumping a bag containing seven 3-day-old puppies behind an auto parts store in Coachella on Thursday is being sought by Riverside County animal control and law enforcement officials.

Officials say store surveillance video shows a woman with long dark hair, dressed in a dark blue or black tank top and skirt, pulled up in a Jeep next to a trash bin outside the Napa Auto Parts store at 49251 Grapefruit Blvd. just after 1 p.m."

At the Desert Sun:https://eu.desertsun.com/story/news/local/coachella/2019/04/19/woman-suspected-dumping-puppies-coachella-sought/3526730002/

"A woman is being sought by law enforcement after she was caught on camera throwing a bag of puppies in a dumpster in Coachella."

At KESQ News: https://www.kesq.com/news/investigators-seek-woman-who-threw-puppies-in-dumpster-in-coachella/1070708360


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Yeah when they find her dump her ass in the dumpster, shut the lid and lock it!

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and then

My nephew's wife was fishing near a bridge a few months ago and witnessed something like this.  She saw someone toss a bag into the water and heard sounds and saw movement so she swam out to it (COLD water!) and retrieved a single kitten.  They promptly adopted the poor thing and she's doing fine.  I guess when human life is seen as disposable in our culture, it's hardly surprising that many would throw animals away or worse.  

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