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3 ghosts in Dufferin St. Toronto

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Posted (edited)

This first part of the story is secondhand, but I do have a detailed personal experience right after.

Back in 1988 in the West End of Toronto, located on the busy Dufferin St., my brother Justin and his friends, Rodney, and Clifford went over to their friend Mikem's house for a party

My brother Justin and his friends played for the High School football team, so I'm guessing it was not a small party.

So skipping ahead to when everyone's feeling good, I guess Mikem's parents had a whirlpool in the basement. I guess he had set it up for him and his girlfriend Roselynn, and when they went back down it was occupied by 2 guys. 

He raced back up to my brother and his buds, and brought them all down immediately because he wanted them gone.

The story goes that where they all returned within 30 seconfs, the whirlpool was empty and no trace of them. Nobody at the party could recognize them.  Several noises were heard down there afterwards for months. So begun their ghost story. 

Now, being 8 years younger than my brother, he liked to try and scare me with the story by adding things to it.

So later on, I'm about 14 years old, and I ask Justin the story again. He finally told me he'll give me the real story., which I wrote above. I asked.him if Mikem's family still lived there, snd i was in luck. 

A few weeks later I'm over there with just my brother and Mikem, they dare me to take a bath. (Mikem never used it again after that night).

I went for it, I've always loved horror books and movies, and love being scared. At the time I played competitive hockey and was always a little sore so i was enjoying this treat. 

10 minutes in I start hearing from upstairs a pinball game, like an actual arcade version. Incan herebthe game popping for a free game, and the occational *TILT TILT TILT* I could also here those crappy 8-bit computer games from a Commodore 64 from somewhere else upstairs. After a few more minutes I got bored and got out. 

Went upstairs, and see these guys waiting on the front steps having a smoke. I asked Mikem which pinball game he has, and he immediately gets p***ed at my brother for telling something to me.  (Which he didnt)

Apparently Mikem has heard it too, but they don't have either a computer or an arcade game. 


I guess it didn't bother the parents, and they say they think there's a 3rd spirit there, who plays peaceful Gregorian chants. As a matter of fact they nicknamed them Pinball Lewey, Talia, and BiteBrune. 

I'd still love to spend a night there.

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Good stories. Kind of sounds like kids coming back from another decade still hanging out just reliving fun times.

The following about the hot tub incident is strongly telling too:

14 minutes ago, CigaretteSmokingMan said:

(Mikem never used it again after that night).




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He may have used it for jello wrestling for all I know :D

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