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An owl hiding in plain sight

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A sleeping owl has left admirers of the creature in awe after it camouflaged itself inside a tree trunk.

Alice McKay, 67, was visiting Britannia Conservation Area in her hometown of Ottawa in Ontario, when she photographed the owl hiding in plain sight last month.

The retired school teacher was thrilled to have found the grey owl resting peacefully inside the tree's crevasse.

Pics at the UK Daily Mail: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6947047/grey-owl.html

At Instagram:


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and then

I've been a little scared of those things since I saw a dead one up close, once in my teens.  That beak and those talons are meant for some serious business!  When I walk at night, I constantly hear them around me and it can be a little disquieting :( 

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