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Remains of MIA WWII soldier identified

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"PORTLAND, Ore. — The remains of a World War II soldier who went missing in the final weeks of the Guadalcanal campaign have been identified 76 years after he was listed as missing in action.

The Department of Defense says skeletal remains found in a bag recovered two years ago in the South Pacific are those of Pfc. Dale W. Ross, whose surviving family lives in Ashland, Oregon."

At the Army Times : https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2019/04/22/remains-of-wwii-soldier-identified-76-years-after-listed-as-mia/

At Starct Magazine: http://starctmag.com/news/remains-of-wwii-soldier-identified-76-years-after-going-mia-report-12647-2019/

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Welcome home Dale.

I think this would be an emotional experience even if you were born after the war.  Receiving the bones of a kid from your family who died violently thousands of miles away.  Very sad. 

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