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Beluga whale found with harness

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Norwegian officials say a beluga whale may have escaped a Russian military facility after local fishermen discovered the animal wearing a tight harness with Russian origins last week.

Joergen Ree Wiig of the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries said "Equipment St. Petersburg" was written on the harness strap, which featured a mount for an action camera.

He said fishermen in Arctic waters last week reported the tame white cetacean with the tight harness to the directorate.

On Friday, fisherman Joar Hesten, aided by Mr Ree Wiig, jumped into the frigid water to remove the harness.

Mr Ree Wiig said "people in Norway's military have shown great interest" in the harness.




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Several nations, including the U.S., Russia and China have for decades experimented with training and applying both monitoring and explosive devices on various aquatic creatures; specifically the dolphin species, and sea lions.

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That is interesting that they train whales to guard the bases. Had no idea.

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2 hours ago, Robotic Jew said:

I don't understand why Aquaman has hair...

And heaps of it,the lucky b-----d

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